1. I have a twin sister, whom is 10 minutes younger than me.

2. I had a perfect attendance record in school that lasted 4 years. The day I finally missed school due to being sick, my classmates lost their minds.

3. Like many young adults in school, I despised reading. As I grew older and more mature, it finally stuck with me that reading is really the only way to get ahead in life. There is no shortcut. No way around it. Your own mind is the single most important thing you can invest your time and money in before things begin to fall into place. I now happily shop for books every other week, and have written a book of my own (I never published it).

4. I practiced Spanish for 8 years. While I am not fluent (because I don't get to use it as often as I would like) I can speak and understand a significant amount. I am still patiently waiting for the day somebody says something CRAZY to me in Spanish, so I can respond.

5. One day, I woke up with an epiphany and I threw out all my s-shirts. I now own about 5 t-shirts for when I go to the gym...everything else are polos and button-up shirts. At the time, I wanted to keep my mindset committed to a certain above-average level, and it just felt like a sacrifice I needed to make. I have always considered myself to be very fashion conscious, and for a lot of people, there's power in clothes. "When you look good, you feel good." Dressing nice all the time meant I didn't have to give up the sense of power and confidence that it once provided me only temporarily.

6. I have been volunteering for Big Brothers and Sisters for almost 3 years, and spend time with an 11 year old several times a month.

7. I played sports for 13 years. It began with baseball for 3 years, then football for 3 years, then soccer for 4 years, then wrestling for 3 years.

8. Following highschool, I never formally finished college. It was such a crazy idea in regards to my life because most people who you and I know follow the same system we are taught since we are cognitively taking in information: Go to school for a thousand years, get an education, go to school for another thousand years, get a degree, hope you can land a good job, and work for a thousand years till you have enough money saved up to retire and then finally do the things you want to do in your geriatric days. For the record, there's nothing wrong with continuing your education if it's towards something you absolutely love, but we are NEVER taught that there are other alternatives. However, as the saying goes, formal education will make you a living; self education will make you a fortune. Even through the years of ridicule and jokes about not spending all my time in college like everybody else, I always wondered "Why would I want to wait until i'm 60 years old to retire and make a lot of money when there are people my age who are doing it NOW?"

9. I am extremely tech-savvy, and most would consider me to be an expert with phone tech specifically. I currently own both an iPhone and Samsung phone both, and have been free tech support (lol) to my friends and family for years. The first time I ever walked into a Radioshack when I was 18, I was hired on the spot. It was newly built down the street from my house, and I walked in out of curiosity to see what was inside. I ended up speaking with the manager for a good 30 minutes, and we just ended up hitting it off. I worked there for a little over 2 years, a year at Best Buy, and 4 years at AT&T.

10. I took art classes from kindergarten till I graduated. My kindergarten teacher, to this day, remembers me as the kid who could draw...which was probably easy to remember since I was also the ONLY black kid in my entire class! I have years of experience in pencil sketches, painting, sculpting, and my passion evolved simultaneously into photography and graphic design. After I graduated, I self-taught myself how to film and direct, eventually took it seriously and studied the pros, and still film and direct to this day. In the middle of all that, I also became a musician. It started with my oldest brother, who practically begged me to make a song with him while he was at a recording studio. The song itself was not so great, and I fell in love with hip hop, and eventually all of music a year after. I have recorded 2 studio albums to date, with my most recent one being fully self produced, mixed, and written all by myself. I also designed the album cover, and directed and edited my own music videos.

Some work viewable here.